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Sunday, November 27, 2011


When you're a writer, as in any profession, your tools are very important. My tool, my faithful macbook decided to go on vacation over the Thanksgiving weekend. I took it to the genius bar - to a genius there and what I hoped would be a quick fix went from, dumping unnecessary stuff from the lame laptop, to we have to re-format, to "you need a new logic board". At $499 just for the part, I decided that after 3 hours hanging around the Apple store that it was time to check my beloved out of the broken mac bureau and take it home where it could die in piece (no mispelling).

So now I sit here on my son's PC and work because CYBER MONDAY is tomorrow and everyone with a kid needs a MyKidPad so check  out, and everyone with Apple docking cables needs a MySaver so check out the Idiom+ ecommerce store. Happy Cyber Week!

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