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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


As our society loves to link to words into one entity... breakfast and lunch became brunch, Brad and Angelina become Brangelina, I think the best has to be education and entertainment as edutainment! This information age hosts a lot of entertainment with our education and probably for the best. Whatever you thoughts, you have to at least be a little bit attracted to the education and entertainment elements that an iPad can offer. Especially to a child so opened to learning and playing. With so many schools, private and public alike supplying their students with iPads, it is decisively the new "black" (or get it in white) education tool. With more than 8000 kid apps and Angry Birds leads the pack of them all, you have to at least wonder on how many Christmas lists will this electronic wonder be on?

Whatever the case -- you need our case. The My:KidPad has been developed by creative designers and parents to protect the sleek and slippery iPad from kid hands that drop things. The kid safe foam hugs for protection, while the fun handles allow for more precise gaming control and easier toting. Soon launching on Kickstarter -- so let 'em play!

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